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What is Waist Training?

Waist Training is a gradual process of Waist reduction using a corset. Wearing a tight waist corset, while combining with active and healthy life can define your abs and reduce the waistline.

Wearing your waist cincher for the first time might require help. We recommend wearing it 1-2 hours for the first few days to get your used to it. Then 4-8 hours for maximum results.

How often should I wear my GWB Corset?

GWB  Trainers and Shapers are great for everyday use and workout. We advised the customer to wear trainers for at-least 4hours a day for the best result.

How to choose the right size?

Please refer to the sizing chart when placing your order to ensure you receive the correct size. If you fall on the border of 2 sizes or carry most of your weight in your mid-section, please order a size up to ensure proper fit.

Payment Methods?

We accept Paypal, Credit/debit cards, Klarna and Clearpay

How do I wash my product?

Hand Wash and air dry to keep fabric from shrinking and losing elasticity

Is GWB Sweat Trainer Same as GWB Waist trainer?

Sweat Trainer is designed to be worn during exercise to elevate body temperature and promote fat burning. A sweat Trainer helps to get rid of body excess water through sweating and to accelerate the weight loss process.
Waist Trainers are designed for everyday use or for exercise. It helps to accelerate the weight-loss process, curb your appetite, support your back, helps to hold up abs in, this process defines waistline and toned abdominal muscles.

Waist trainers can be considered an undergarment and can be worn every day underneath your outfit.
Neoprene Sweat Bands can only be worn for exercise, sauna, or sweat-room. It cannot be worn underneath your outfit.

If you have purchased a wrong size, please visit our refund policy and contact us with 48hours of receiving your package. All clearance sales are Final!

Why Get Waisted

  • Improve Posture
  • Create Confidence
  • Contour Midsection
  • Motivate Exercise
  • Post -Birth Reshaping
  • Encourage Healthy Eating
  • Accelerate Weight Loss and Curb Appetite
  • Relieves Back Pain and provide Back Support
  • Define waistline and sculpt toned abs muscles

How may I contact you?


WhatsApp: +447539931726