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New! GWB SKxN Luxe 3 Way Fit Waist Shaper

New! GWB SKxN Luxe 3 Way Fit Waist Shaper

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We wanted to go above and beyond, so we lined the waist trainer with a beautiful charmeuse fabric. This luxurious addition to your wardrobe will make you feel like an absolute queen!

Features: Our new & improved material is high-quality, durable, super stretchy, lightweight and soft to the touch. Waist trainers like our 3-way blends in perfectly with the skin while still providing incredible support! Adjustable straps target compression where needed the most.

Advantages: The 3-way with no bones will shape, support, and smooth midsection while also creating a long lean line that nearly disappears under clothing. 

Benefits: Our engineered waist shaper will help tone and flatten entire midsection in just minutes a day. You’ll look and feel great in clothes that fit like a glove!

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