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NEW! GWB Short Sleeve 360 Faja Colombia Shaper Stage 2

NEW! GWB Short Sleeve 360 Faja Colombia Shaper Stage 2

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Looking for a compression garment after having a baby? Or a compression garment to help reduce swelling which is also known as Edema, and aid in pushing fluid into the lymph system or just want for  compression garment for daily sculpting?  then this product is right! This garment will help to hold skin firmly against the body with proper retraction and general body contouring. This compression garment helps to shape the over result greatly after giving birth, post op recovery or for daily sculpting.

It has a removable and stretchy bra space to hold chest  in place and easy access for breastfeeding mothers.

Features an open bra for breastfeeding mum and allows healing from post op surgery, an open crouch for ease access so you don’t have to take it all off.

Made with excellent butt lifting effect and hold butt in place during all activities

Made with 3 layers for compression and butt lifting technology.

Compression: Extra firm

Small  6- 10
Medium   12
Large  14
X Large 16

2 XL 


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