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360 Abdominal Compression Board

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    • For post surgery recovery to give compression and apply pressure.


    • Minimise Bruises and swelling


    • Provide extra support on the loose sagging skins and contour the waist with the soft foam wings which wraps around the midsection.


    • hook and closure

Material: 13% spandex 87% cotton

Abdominal belt made of foam, acrylic and Velcro as a back closure system, lined with cotton, raw materials that make it comfortable, light and anatomical, it prevents abdominal, lateral and lumbar breakage of the girdle thanks to the fact that it accommodates all the abdominal circumference in turn helps this area to remain warm helping to avoid abdominal fibrosis, uniformly compresses the abdomen, ideal for after any cosmetic process that may cause fibrosis. Uses: ideal use with GWWB Shaper for daily use, aesthetic or post-surgical processes and postpartum.

Features an abdominal board and 360° foam.

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