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Sweat Band/ Arm Trimmer

Sweat Band/ Arm Trimmer

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Wanna get fit but don’t know where to start? Sweatband is a fitness band that makes you sweat with thermal tech for muscle tightness and weight loss. Our sweat bands are made with thermal technology to stimulate your core and slim you down from the inside out! we use cutting edge technology with the latest scientific research to make a sweaty product that will transform your training.

Stretch, sweat or dance…Wear them while running, walking, hiking, doing yoga or going to the gym. You can even wear our bands at work or at home if you exercise in those places.


This bundle include a Sweat Band and Arm Trimmer.

    • Suitable for exercise to help sweat even more

    • Durable and comfortable.

    • Embossed moist wick which keeps the heat and prevent slipping.

    • Waterproof and wind proof

    • Please Note; This product has no bones.

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