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Workout Trainer / Hot Sweat Gel

Workout Trainer / Hot Sweat Gel

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Our workout waist trainer is a great fitness and support option. Helps with back, side support, midsection and posture. With our comfortable yet high-quality material, ab muscles will become stronger and  burn fat very easily. What’s more, it gives an instant hourglass figure by pulling body inward. Designed to support the midsection and around the waist. It can be worn while doing physical exercises, to improve posture, strengthen the core muscles, as well as to provide an individual’s waist area. This trainer may also remove the water retention in the abdominal area.

How to use:

  • Apply a damp towel on all areas of the body where gel will be applied
  • Apply a small amount of Hot Sweat Gel to the target area. Massage in a clockwise motion.
  • Wear our GWWB Workout Trainer to give you the sauna effect

Although there are different popular ways of figuring out  personal waist size, the most accurate method is by measuring it. A person who is wearing the correct size of waist trainer will feel supported by a trainer throughout their daily activities but they should not feel too uncomfortable or feel constricted to move.




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